Waking Up to a Healthy Start: Why a Freshly Brewed Cup of Coffee Could Help

For most of the 7 billion people on the planet, the first cup of coffee is part of the morning ritual. It’s such a popular habit that social media is littered with memes about the importance of allowing someone their first cup of coffee before having a conversation with them in order to ensure your safety.

That said, there has been an ongoing debate about whether or not coffee is a healthy choice for a drink. There is some science to prove the old ideas about coffee may not have been the best or even true. Below is another take on coffee that may have you reaching for the coffee filters more often.  

All Things in Moderation

Have you heard the saying that all things should be done and/or consumed in moderation? Not only is this true, but coffee is a wonderful example in at least two ways. First, as you read on, you will discover that this wonderful social drink is made with some of the healthiest things in the world.

However, if you drink too much of it, the things that aren’t so healthy can cause a lot of trouble. Heart trouble and high cholesterol, for starters. Second, with the introduction of places like Starbucks and the term barista, a simple cup of coffee has turned into a cup of hot chocolate with a hazelnut coffee twist.

The constant adage of sugar, different flavored creamers, chocolate chips, eggnog (yes, you read that right,) and whip cream along with many other delicious ingredients does nothing but add to the calorie count. This overage adds pounds to the waistline and brings the threat of obesity and all its pals. Stick to a regular cup of coffee and just three cups or less a day and you can take advantage of all the benefits.   

Antioxidants Are Cool

There are these tiny little enemies in our bodies called oxidants. They are free radicals, rebels, if you will, whose only job is to fight of the really bad guys, microbes and viruses. Remember what we said about moderation? It applies here, too. If you have too many oxidants, they begin to fight and damage the good cells, too.

That is why ANTIoxidants are cool. They go in and keep the rebels in check and coffee beans are full of antioxidants. You can also find them in orange and grape juice, blueberries and raspberries, but the levels in these go to breakfast drinks and snacks don’t compare to the levels in your morning cup of Joe. Coffee is not the king, here, but can deliver a killer dose to trouble causing oxidants any day.

What They Found

Now that you know why coffee is healthy, let us tell you where it’s making a difference. Because coffee is so chock full of antioxidants it lends a hand to inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and Crohn’s disease. In turn, it’s anti-inflammatory capabilities lend help to problems caused by these illnesses such as cardiovascular problems.

Because coffee contains these little heroes, it can help prevent cancer and is a great way to slow the aging process of our cells. With that said, you can cancel the effect. Our bodies naturally produce oxidants, but you will also find them in cigarette smoke, other air pollutants, and alcohol.

So, if you drink three cups of coffee every day, but smoke a pack of cigarettes, work in a smog filled city, or enjoy a good six pack, chances are you are canceling any health benefits coffee could have for you. There’s you yet another reason to quit.

Coffee is essential to accomplishing the morning grind for many. Now, you can tell naysayers with authority it’s also healthy.


Tasty And Healthy Snacks For Party Time

There are a million different reasons to throw a party at home, in the office, or for the community.  No matter the purpose, every party needs party snacks.  

The only problem with party snacks is that they are typically super unhealthy.  You should not have to forego your party urges to remain on a healthy path.  Check out a few creative ideas for tasty, healthy, party snacks, and watch your family safely enjoy the fun and the food.  

Heart-healthy wine and cheese

This is probably not the best party idea for those who have trouble maintaining themselves when drinking alcohol, but a small dose of wine and cheese is very tasty and healthy.  Gather your friends and family together to enjoy an evening of fellowship and fine wine.  

The best wines for heart health are red, and you need to keep your portion size down to one or two glasses.  Research which wines pair best with which cheeses for the best flavor profiles.  

Jumpin’ chickpeas

Spend five minutes in the kitchen spicing up a pan of chickpeas for a super healthy, super grabbable party favor.  They are called “Jumpin’ Chickpeas” due to the way the chickpeas jump around the pan once the heat revs up.  Just add lemon pepper and a few Creole seasonings to create a tasty snack.  

Ants on a log

All you need to create “Ants on a Log” is celery, peanut butter, and raisins.  You can even enlist the help of the kids to get this party favor on the platter.  Fill your celery stalks with peanut butter, then artfully arrange the raisins on top for the appearance of ants crawling on a log.  

Apple ladybugs

The cutest snack of them all, “Apple Ladybugs” also offer some of the most tasty health benefits of anything on this list.  Create these edible bugs with Gala apples, raisins, peanut butter, and pretzels, and watch your party pals smile at your ingenuity.  

Black bean spread

Every party needs a good party dip, and black bean spread dip is the answer to this debacle.  Ingredients for this spicy specialty include black beans, chives, cheese, ground cumin, hot salsa, and cottage cheese.  We know.  It sounds a little different, but let your taste buds do the decision making.  

Watermelon fruit bowl

Take all your favorite, grabbable fruits, chop them up, and toss them into the gut of a juicy watermelon.  Of course, the process of creating such a beautiful party treat is a bit more complicated than that, but you get the point.  Be sure to provide a sanitary way for partygoers to pick out their favorite fruit pieces without sharing their germs.  


4 Reasons to Buy Glass Cups for Your Coffee

Coffee is the most popular drink in the world, with a predicted two billion cups consumed every day. As such, there are more than a few kinds of coffee cup out there, and one of the most important differences between them is the material they are made from. There are a whole host of options, but here are just four reasons why glass is the ideal material.

  1. More Attractive

Glass is prized across the world for its workability, and it has been for centuries. A glass coffee cup can be styled in more interesting ways than those made from other materials, and they make a more attractive coffee since you can see through them to the delicious drink inside.

  1. Heat Retention

Hands up everyone who looks forward to drinking down a lukewarm cup of coffee! Not seeing many hands… Yep, coffee just hits the spot better when you drink it piping hot, and that’s why glass makes such an excellent material for holding this deep brown nectar of the gods. Glass coffee cups boast a very high heat retention capacity, so heat transfers away from the coffee very slowly – in fact, the adoption of innovative new materials in the manufacturing process has made modern glass even better at retaining heat.

  1. Recyclable

A glass coffee cup can potentially be used for decades, so it’s obviously a far more eco-friendly option than using a paper, cardboard, or plastic cup. And if you do drop it, that’s no big deal from an environmental point of view. Glass can be recycled time and time again, and there are plenty of uses for recycled glass. This makes glass cups far better for the environment than ceramic ones, which cannot be recycled.

  1. Easier Brewing

Finally, keep in mind that it’s often easier to make coffee in a translucent vessel. It’s not such a big deal if you only take your coffee black, but if you add in different toppings and ingredients, it’s a huge advantage to be able to look at the glass and see how much you have of each part.


Three Food Items You Can Keep in Your Car for a Busy Morning

Eating is important, even if you have to do so on the go. Of course, this is not ideal, and it goes without saying that most of us would like a nice sit-down type breakfast that is relaxing and doesn’t involve multitasking. There are days though, when eating on the go is something we have to do, simply because we are running late, or have a lot to get done. With that in mind, here are a few quick and easy meals that are ideal for anyone who has a busy day ahead, be it going car shopping, or taking the long way to work.

A Protein Shake

If you have to get ready to leave in a hurry, but still need to eat and be ready to function, then a protein shake is something that works for almost everyone. They usually have milk, and are often flavored, usually with chocolate or strawberry, so it makes the taste is something you will enjoy. Best of all, protein shakes are filling, so you should feel complete until it is time for lunch or a mid-day snack.

A Breakfast Bar

Breakfast bars can come in a variety of flavors and have various ingredients. Some can be more like cereal bars, and have a fruit filling. Others are similar to a protein bar, and can be chocolate or peanut butter, which is great because this is a tasty and filling option for anyone who wants to eat and feel full. It’s quick, filling, and makes for a good meal when you are busy and on the go with little time to spare. It also has the bonus of not being too messy to eat in your car, and is small enough to fit into a purse or bag.


This might not be something that most people think of when they are trying to figure out what to grab for breakfast in the morning that is quick, easy, and fast to eat. Fruit such as bananas, or even a smoothie in a bottle is a great choice, because it will give you plenty of vitamin c. If you make your own smoothie (or buy one) filled with plenty of different fruits and vegetables, it will have lots of variety, and keep you filled enough before you get to your next meal.

No matter how busy your life is, eating healthy and choosing filling foods is important. Even if you have to eat when traveling in your car, it is important to refuel and get recharged for the day. By eating right, you are starting the day off on the right foot, rather than skipping your meal and feeling empty. This helps no one, and can have a negative effect on your mood, energy, and ability to get through the day. Make sure you are eating right, and choosing foods that are healthy and quick and easy to eat, no matter what you have to do.


Why Should You Serve Homemade Instead of Commercial Ice Cream?

There are so many different brands and flavours of commercial ice cream that the best way to stand out is by making your own. And that’s far from the only benefit. While mixing your own ice cream might sound like a chore you could do without, it actually comes with several benefits that could help you keep bringing customers back for more.

Pick Your Own Flavours

We’re not saying you’re going to reinvent the ice cream market with your own creations, but it’s still great being able to adjust recipes until you find the perfect taste. It’s even better during certain times of year. You can come up with different flavours based around seasons or holidays, or you can simply come up with something unique to add to your menu.  Customers will love coming back to try something unique and unexpected.

Reduce Your Costs

The financial benefits of making your own ice cream should also be attractive. Even though you’ll get a discount by buying wholesale, commercial ice cream is still pretty expensive. Save yourself some money each month by buying ingredients in bulk and using an ice cream machine instead of purchasing commercial ice cream. You’ll also save on freezer space and running costs since you’ll be able to make ice cream as and when you need it instead of having to stock up.

Make Your Desserts Healthier

Even commercial ice cream of the highest quality needs to use additives to keep the product tasty, and many brands are notorious for stuffing in chemicals in a bid to make their ice cream taste better. This makes the product less healthy, but you can eliminate the need for those chemicals and preservatives completely when you mix your own, and more people are likely to try your ice cream if you can say that it is made without them. You’re also free to add healthier ingredients that wouldn’t have lasted in commercial ice cream, such as fresh fruit.



How to Stay Nutritious at the Office

When you spend your weekdays sat at a desk, staying fit and healthy can be troublesome. After a long, hard day’s work, exercise seems like too much effort and hassle. Plus, if your work brings you stress, you can find yourself craving sweets and junk food. Therefore, trying to lead a nutritious lifestyle can seem frustrating when your work life is plagued with sitting still, little exercise, and leaving you too tired when you do have free time.

You aren’t alone, though. Many of us are challenged with the same problem. To overcome the ordeal, you simply have to learn how to address the issue. Change your lifestyle with this perfect recipe on how to stay nutritious at the office, and altering your life for the better.

Eat Breakfast

Not only does skipping breakfast leave you with the higher chance of craving unhealthy foods later on in the day, but eating a wholesome breakfast also speeds up your metabolism. Start your day with a bowl of oatmeal; studies have shown that whole grains can lower blood pressure, promote healthy gut bacteria, and protect you against heart disease. It’s also full of protein, which is ideal for those looking to lose weight and creating a lean body.

Top tip: Make sure you read the labels of your cereal. Many cereals seem nutritious, however, a lot contain hidden amounts of sugars. Only consume organic, and natural cereals, and add honey for added sweetness.

Avoid ‘Cake Culture’

Nowadays, many employers and employees bring in cake to the office, and share sweet and/or baked goods with their co-workers. Although the sentiments are all well and good, it can cause havoc to your health, waistline and even teeth. Avoid bringing in sweet treats, and if someone offers you a slice of cake, politely decline. You’ll probably find a lot of other co-workers feel the same way as you, so by taking a stand against cake and other treats, you could lead the office towards a healthier lifestyle.

However, the occasional treat, if coupled with regular exercise, is perfectly fine. Also, if it’s someone’s birthday, or any other type of celebration, then cake is the ideal way to celebrate. Just keep tabs on what you’ve eaten, so you can balance it out later on.

Drink Your Coffee Black

Black coffee has numerous health benefits; plus, by cutting out milk and sugar, you’re lessening your amount of liquid calories and sugar intake. The benefits of drinking coffee includes helping the prevention of liver cancer and fatty liver disease, improves energy and mood, is a powerhouse of antioxidants (vitamin B2, B3, B5, magnesium and potassium), and boosts your dopamine levels. You should, therefore, ensure there’s a good quality coffee machine in your office, with organic and natural coffee beans, such as those at Office-Coffee.co.uk.

Top tip: Black coffee (such as an espresso) can help you work out for longer. Plus, black coffee can increase your metabolism by up to 50%. It’s also considered a fat burning beverage, as it stimulates the nervous system which signals the body to break down fat cells, as opposed to storing them.

Find an Office Work Out Buddy

Eating healthy is all well and good, but you also need to ensure you’re working out well and regularly if you wish to stay fit and healthy. Ask someone in the office who either works out already, or someone who has a similar goal. Come up with a schedule, such as meeting each other at the gym every other day, and support one another in your work out endeavors. By finding a work out buddy, you’ll have more motivation, and will be less likely to skip the gym for an extra hour in bed.


What Makes Peking Duck Such a Special Dish

(Image Credit: Chili House SF)

Peking duck is a popular meal in China as well as many Western countries. With a tradition dating back nearly 700 years, it’s easy to see why. When the Yuan Dynasty fell in 1368, it created many changes in China and started the Ming Dynasty. Cooked duck, which had long been a favorite of the Chinese, took the name Peking duck after the country’s capitol city. The dish has long been associated with royalty, a tradition that continues to this day. Eventually, those in the upper class began to enjoy it as well.

By the late 1800s, Peking duck became a popular dish across the world. Scholars and poets described eating it in their works and restaurants sprung up for the sole purpose of featuring this dish. Due to its increasing popularity, dignitaries and leaders from around the world started eating Peking duck whenever they had the chance. It made them feel as if they had experienced authentic Chinese culture.

How is Peking Duck Prepared?

To prepare this dish, a chef dip a whole duck in sherry and honey and then leave it for several hours or days to air cure. He or she first separates the flesh and skin of the duck to ensure proper roasting. The next step is to slow roast the duck to create the brown, crisp skin that has become its trademark over the centuries. The chef then rolls skin and meat morsels with spears of cucumber and scallion into a crepe, which is thin like a pancake. Finally, the chef sprinkles the Peking duck with Hoisin sauce and serves it.

Where Do the Ducks Come From?

While the sauce, scallion, and cucumber make for a delightful taste, it’s the meat itself that makes this dish especially memorable. The mallard ducks typically used to create this dish were typically located in canals in Nanjing, which was China’s capitol several centuries ago. In modern times, farmers raise the duck specifically to sell for the creation of the Peking duck meal in China. Chefs in other countries may not necessarily use a specific type of duck when preparing this dish.

Roasting Makes All the Difference

After preparing the duck for cooking, the chef hangs it in a brick oven for roasting. This is what gives Peking duck its unique and well-known taste and crunch. The seasonings are not universal, which means each chef may add something slightly different to create his or her signature Peking duck meal. While cooks across the world enjoy making Peking duck, only those raised and roasted in China receive the classification of authentic.

The UNESCO List of Cultural Heritage

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) maintains a list of intangible cultural heritage to safeguard the traditions and practices of countries throughout the world. Currently, China is working to get Peking duck on the list to ensure that future generations can enjoy it as well. In that regard, what seems like a simple meal has a rich cultural past as well as a future.



What is the best time to eat lunch at work?

During work and meetings, it’s hard to find the right time to eat lunch. These days many employees find themselves stuck at their desks half-eating, half- working. To maintain a healthy diet and a good life balance it’s best to find a moment during the busy day and relax while eating. What’s the best time to eat lunch at work?

The demands of modern life make us eat breakfast by 9 when we reach work and lunch between 2 and 3 pm. If we’re lucky we may still catch that late evening dinner at 8 pm. The hectic work day affects how, what and when we eat. As a result, we become less productive, our health is poorer and overtime we gain weight faster.

The human body works according to a programmed 24-hour clock. The first half of the day is for fuelling the body. That’s when we use up most of the energy and store it for later. In the evenings we go into a store and repair mode when we can go on without food. That’s why it’s important to eat more in the mornings rather that in the evenings.

A healthy breakfast should define the right time for your lunch break. Usually a lunch should take place between 12 pm to 3 pm, but you should consider your personal schedule. The best time for eating lunch should fit your needs. In most cases, when you’re starting the day early you may get hungry within 3-4 hours. In this case, waiting for a lunch at 2 pm might be too late and it will affect your productivity. The ideal time would be between 11 am to 1 pm.

Lunch is a midday break at work when you can relax from the daily tasks and enjoy your meal in peace. Nowadays many people forget how essential it is to step away from their work. They rush through their meals in front of the computers. Sometimes they forget to eat altogether! Skipping lunch affects productivity and your health. That’s why many dieting experts encourage to get away from your desk and go out for a proper lunch. It’s good to take your time and prepare a healthy lunch to pack for work or go to a nearby restaurant. You may be quite surprised at how many restaurants offer special lunch break deals!

Eating helps us stay healthy and energised. Without a proper meal we can’t be productive at work. In the long term we’re prone to being overweight and we expose ourselves to an unbalanced lifestyle. By eating proper breakfast and taking a lunch break, it’s easier to maintain a balanced diet and relax.


Yum Yums for Dreamland: 4 Foods That Will Help You Sleep

If you are like the majority of the world, falling asleep at night can be quite a challenge. Staying asleep has it’s obstacles, as well. We spend the day at work or at play, love on our families, run errands, cook and clean, and by the end of the day, our brain is still going so fast it simply doesn’t matter how exhausted our body is.

That’s on a good day. There are some of us who have so much on our mind before bed, we literally have to write it all down on just to clear space in our head to sleep.

While some people have no other option but to use medication to find a good night’s sleep, there are other ways to rediscover the road to Dreamland. Our diet is one of them. Below are four foods that can send you on to the rest of your dreams.


Here in the week after Thanksgiving, there is a friend that we are all well acquainted with by now. Turkey is famous for it’s sleep inducing quality brought on by tryptophan, the sleep-enhancing amino acid, it is loaded with.

The only meat higher is that of an elk. With that said, it’s not a great idea to have a full three course meal right before bed, but a handful of walnuts could give you the same sleepy effect. The tryptophan in walnuts is perfect for assisting your body in creating serotonin and melatonin.

Both are necessary in order for your body to stay on a regular sleep schedule. In addition to helping you get a good night’s rest, walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids that are great for heart health. They prevent osteoarthritis through improving calcium saturation, improve metabolism, and reduce inflammation, too.


Rice has been the go-to meal of countless civilizations for centuries. It is filling and wholesome. It may not be the best thing to eat if you are trying to lose weight, but it can be extremely useful if bedtime is eluding you on a daily basis.

The high glycemic index of rice is what will do you in if you’re looking for a natural sleep aid. You may have heard of something call a B.R.A.T. diet. This stands for bananas, rice, apples, and toast. This diet is usually recommended to people who are having issues such as vomiting and diarrhea.

One of the reasons it is suggested is that these foods all have a high glycemic index. This means they are easy to digest and the carbohydrates they contain get released into the body faster which raises your blood sugar quickly. We’ve all heard the term sugar coma. While an actual coma is not what we are aiming for, rice is a good way to induce a minor one and find your lost hours of sleep.


Everyone who is anyone has probably heard the old wives tale of how a cup of warm milk can help put you to sleep. Guess what. It’s true, but it doesn’t have to be warm and any dairy product will do. This is because of milk’s high levels of calcium.

The calcium found in dairy products of all kinds acts like a proper doorman to the amino-acid, tryptophan. It makes it easy for the brain to utilize the tryptophan to make the serotonin and melatonin needed to help you nod off.

Along with helping the Sandman do his job, the calcium in milk is great for maintaining strong teeth and bones, lessens premenstrual depression, helps control blood pressure, and regulates muscle movement.  


Yes. The ultimate rabbit food could send you off to a wonderful night on the town in Dreamland. Most of us don’t consider the base of a great salad to be similar to any drug induced action, but the fact of the matter is that when consumed, lettuce has an effect on the brain similar to that of opium.

This is because it contains lactucarium, often referred to as lettuce opium. This chemical compound acts a very potent sedative. This property is also used in medicines like cough syrup and lozenges, and has even been marketed in nicotine-free cigarettes.

Of course, this is all besides the fact that lettuce is a wonderful dietary aid to losing weight, helps alleviate anxiety and inflammatory conditions, and lowers your cholesterol.   

Nodding of the sleep at night doesn’t have to be an Olympic event. Refer to this list of simple sedatives the next time you have trouble finding the turnoff to Dreamland.


Wines that come with rich aroma and taste

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Taste will linger on the buds for months

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